1. Naughty animal food thievery. 

  2. Naughty animal food thievery. 

  3. The lesser-spotted spaghetti burger. 

    Read all about it: http://www.just-eat.co.uk/blog/5-crazy-burger-inventions/ 

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    Could this takeaway look any more perfect?

  5. angelicaldreams:

    Fuck sharing 😏🍕#takeaway #pizza #mmm #mine #food

    You’re doing it right. 

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  6. Someone decided to take two peanut butter and jam sandwiches, coat them in batter, roll them in kettle chips, then deep fry them.

    Then they paired it with a hunk of beef that’s been marinated in sweet-chilli banana sauce for at least a day, and topped it off with smoked bacon. 

    #Genius or #crazy? You decide: http://www.just-eat.co.uk/blog/5-crazy-burger-inventions/ 

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  8. This just looks too good. Get in my mouth, 

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    Love of my life #pizza #justeat #love

    OMFG is there anything better than this? 


  10. bro—strider:

    sorry dan you’ve competition 

    Damn right.

  11. rusticsxpotatoes:

    Quand une fois arrivée chez mes parents, j’abandonne l’idée de régime.

    (When I come at my parent’s home and so I give up on diet’s idea.)

    We believe this is French for “ORDER LOADS OF TAKEAWAY NOW PLEASE”*

    *may not be actual translation.

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    We know what you tumblred this week. All of it. Shh.


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